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Trecenydd Community Centre Committee - The management committee makes all the decisions about how the Centre is run

About the Management Committee

The Trecenydd Community Centre has a Management Committee that is responsible for the day to day running of the centre. They work on a completely voluntary basis.

The Committee comprises of four officers, which are Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. There are ten other members, two of which are local Councillors.

The Committee meet on a regular basis and all decisions are made at these meetings. Anyone on the Committee can suggest any idea that is of benefit to the centre. Every idea is discussed and voted on. No one person decides, it is always a group decision.

The Committee is responsible for hiring out the centre which generates the money to pay all bills.

The Committee puts on three events a year St. David’s Day Concert, A Fun Day and a Pantomime. There is no obligation to do this but they are put on for the local residents, and, as before all the work is done on a voluntary basis. The support the centre gets on these occasions is appreciated very much.

Our Committee:

Mrs. E. Rowlands         Chair Person

Mrs. J. Davies                Secretary

Mrs. B. Gauci                 Treasurer

Miss. S. Rowlands        Booking Clerk

Mrs. L. LLewellyn        Bar Manageress

Mrs. M. Clarke

Mrs. K. Potter

Mr. S. Potter

Mrs. E Hopes

Cllr. H. Davies

It has come to the Committee’s attention that we had supposedly banned an entertainment organisation from using the centre.  The Chairman and the Committee would like it known that this is completely untrue.  No one is banned from the centre without receiving a letter informing them they may be banned and the reason why.  They are then invited to a meeting  to put their point of view.

We know a lot of our hirers like to hire their own entertainment this is not a problem.  But it is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that entertainment has insurance cover and that their equipment has been P.A.T. tested,  of which the Committee is entitled to see proof.  The hirer has complete responsibility for any damage done to the centre by anyone accidental or otherwise while they have hire of the Hall . They will have the responsibility of paying for any damage.

The Committee welcomes all hirers and hope their experience of hiring the centre is trouble free and an enjoyable one.